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eValid -- YouTube Monitoring Script (Example 01)
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Main Idea: eValid can monitor searching for, downloading, and delivery of a video object, using certain kinds of synchronization schemes based on observing the behavior of the video player.

This page presents a script that can be used to monitor a YouTube Video. To illustrate how this is done we have created a playback script that:

Script Description
Here are the steps involved in the sequence (the actual script is given below).

  1. Creating a Monitoring .evs script for a multimedia website by going to YouTube:

  2. Input a "Search" for a unique Video to monitor Start/Stop Times:

  3. Await your results after clicking on the "Search" link:

  4. Select a unique "START" to synchronize rectangular area (i.e. blank area):

  5. When the video finishes playing select a unique "Stop" synchronize rectangle area (i.e. appearence of the "replay" or 02:00/02:00 black box):

  6. A successful playback generates the following GREEN flag:

  7. Sample of Manually inserted "ElapsedTime" markers...

  8. Sample of Video specific "PlayValue" command settings for synchronization effects:

  9. Sample of "Event Log" details on the screen rectangle synchronization:

  10. Sample of "Timing Log" details relating to the Start/Stop timer checks:

  11. Sample of the final Youtube.evs script file, note "SyncOnText" additions:

Script Details
This is the originally recorded script as used in this illustration. Over a period of time, regression to the website have been overcome by index motion script command updates, as shown below.

# Recording by eValidô
# Copyright © 2010 by Software Research, Inc. 
# Recording made on: Microsoft Windows XP

ProjectID "Project"
GroupID "Group"
TestID "1-youtube"

PlayValue _PI 10
PlayValue _PJ 150000
PlayValue _PV 0

ScreenSize 1280 1024
FontSize 2

InitLink ""

SyncOnElementProperty 0 "id" "footer-search-term" ""

IndexSet 0
IndexFindElement 0 DOWN "id" "masthead-search-term" ""
IndexInputValue 0 "TEXT" "Leo Kottke Vaseline Machine Gun 70ies" "" ""
IndexMove +3
IndexSubmitClick 0 ""


#Wait 3084
SyncOnText 0 "Machine" ""
FollowLink 0 181 "Leo Kottke - Vaseline Machine Gun" "" ""

WindowPos 0 0 0 980 724
clSyncRect 0 112 456 42 44 0
ElapsedTime "Start"

### Synced on the "replay" rectangular area for ending...

WindowPos 0 0 0 980 724
clSyncRect 0 342 119 131 88 997127

#NOTE: CHECKSUM value(s) will/may differ from desktop to desktop,
#please see your event log upon any errors and adjust accordingly.

ElapsedTime "Stop"

#End of Script.